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When Sean Aylmer became a journalist the popular media stood as a colossus and one that seemingly could never be shaken from its dominant position, or from its position as one of the key institutions of western civilisation. Now the great brands - The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Australia, The Financial Review - are an earthquake zone. Some of the Structures are holding up; some are rubble on the ground. And their survival is absolutely in question.  Sean Aylmer did an economics degree and worked at the Reserve Bank before opting for journalism. Sean is now Fairfax Media's Group Director, News & Business. Sean is a survivor and amidst a lot of blood spilt n the journalistic ranks. He's facing head on the modern dilemma for news media: balancing commercial viability with editorial integrity.  So please, come and hear what Sean has to say. Beyond Fairfax and the state of the media we'll be discussing issues of the day including our political leadership, same sex marriage, the terror threat and whatever else you have on your mind. Learn more...