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Who we are

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Discover the power of information sharing.
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At Cahoots we enable individuals and businesses to share their stories. We re-discover cultures, values and behaviours and capture important tales for future telling.
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We're a real life social networking platform. We share, influence and connect individuals and businesses. We do this by capturing and sharing powerful human content.
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The Team

Managing Director

The founder of Cahoots, Bill forged a path within the Media from the age of 18. Moving from being a journalist in Perth and then Hong Kong, he wound up in Sydney working on The Paul Hogan Show. World Series Cricket and by 1985 was CEO of Hoyts Edgley Productions (film). Bill then founded Grand Prix Sailing 18foot skiffs and ran the company for 11 years nationally and internationally. 

After retiring from the sailing scene Bill gathered up all his experience and founded Cahoots on the back of a strong commitment to family. Cahoots has grown under Bill’s leadership and is now an industry leader in the sharing of knowledge and stories that influence and connect people.


The boss behind the boss, Shez is a powerhouse PR and sales figurehead within Cahoots. Working alongside Bill from its inception, today she manages the Cahoots Insight Dinner program around Australia.

Shez is also a key sales figure at Cahoots and brings in a large proportion of our new business.

Producer / Editor / Cameraman

Christo is our pivotal all-rounder. He has filmed the majority of the Family Records and many of the Business Records on a contract basis. Recently joining Cahoots full-time he is now a chief producer/editor/cameraman and works concurrently with Mandy on our productions. 

Christo has worked in Film and Television for over 20years as a freelancer covering many aspects of the industry. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Cahoots.

Business Development Manager

Completing a Media Communications degree post high school, Jack spent 8 years in a sales and marketing position for a leading Yacht dealership in Sydney. Cutting his teeth in selling yachts laid the foundations for his position at Cahoots.

Joining Cahoots in Nov 2012, he assumed the role as Business Development Manager and focuses on building our digital profile and online social networking platform. He also brings his sailing world into our business reach.


The silent knight of the team, Ben runs the back office and keeps us all in line. With a background in Economics, Ben manages our accounts and provides us with the necessary guidance to grow our business and keep it fit.

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